Creatively crafted embroidered jewelry by Britney Grossman

Serene Stitching started in 2015 named after our late kitty, Serene. Here I create unique, delicate, handmade jewelry. My designs tend to have a vintage inspired theme. Each stitch is free hand embroidered using techniques passed down by my Grandmother Velma. While she taught me how to embroider nearly 20 years ago, it wasn’t until moving to Atlanta that I felt inspired to pick up the hoop to stitch again. Part of that inspiration came from finding an old hankie that the two of us had stitched together.
Growing up in Tennessee, I've always loved the mountains, the outdoors and flowers of all kinds. I draw my inspiration from feelings and memories of home.

Each piece is uniquely handmade so that no two designs will ever be the same. You will not only be giving your support to a small, handmade shop with your purchase; you are also purchasing a piece of wearable or hangable art that is super cool.

Thanks for coming by to check things out!

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