Hand Embroidered Jewelry for the Vintage Soul

Welcome to Serene Stitching! I create unique, vintage inspired, handmade jewelry. My designs are influenced by my love for vintage, and all my jewelry is free hand embroidered, using techniques passed down to me by my Grandmother Velma. While she lovingly taught me how to embroider nearly 20 years ago, it wasn’t until I moved to Atlanta that I felt inspired to relearn the craft, after uncovering a vintage hankie that my Grandmother and I had once stitched together. Since rediscovering embroidery, I have found a knack for sewing floral designs, and I have dedicated my time to creating not only jewelry—but wearable art!

What I love about my designs, and what truly motivates me to continue crafting my jewelry, is the fact that each piece is unique. Like people, my jewelry is very distinctive and one of a kind, in part due to its hand-stitched nature. This means that when you buy a pendant from Serene Stitching: you are buying a truly individualized piece of art, that is beautifully delicate, wonderfully effeminate and personal to you. For this reason, my jewelry makes an excellent gift because it will reflect the uniqueness of the person you’re gifting it to.

As a small shop owner, I truly value the satisfaction of my visitors, and therefore put an emphasis on quality. All of my products are meticulously handcrafted, with a genuine attention to detail, and with a passion for art and embroidery. My designs vary, and will appeal to a range of tastes, although lovers of vintage are likely to appreciate the themes that run through my evolving collection. If you are passionate about thrifting, and enjoy your whiskey served in a bone China teacup, then I’m certain you’ll feel at home here at Serene Stitching. However, if you are new to vintage designs, or are simply looking for a unique piece of wearable art— then I welcome you to my shop and look forward to providing you with high quality, handcrafted jewelry!

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